If the Fire Brigade Union do go on strike then please take note of the information circulated over the last two weeks about what we can all do to reduce the risks to those we work with and our buildings. It is even more important that you take extra care at home during a strike to prevent the risk of fires starting. Don’t leave toasters, grills and chip pans unattended. Don’t drape clothing or towels over electric fires and heaters. Switch off appliances at the plug when you stop using them. Take great care with cigarettes, and make sure children do not have access to matches.


Safety Notices & Device Alerts received from the NHS: -

·         Aquarius Haemofiltration Machine – splitting of Aqualine tubing sets due to incorrect insertion of segments into the pump housing. Updated advice given.

·         NIRoyal Coronory Stent – there have been 9 reports of radial fractures occurring in these stents after implantation, the patients presenting with recurrent angina.

·         Ambulance Stretcher Trolleys Ferno Falcon Mk 2, Mk 3 and Hawk models – leg post castings have fractured in use causing instability risk to those using the trolley.

·         Steam penetration tests in vacuum benchtop sterilisers for process wrapped, textile, hollow or tubular loads should be carried out daily according to manufacturers instructions.

·         Electrically operated Lift and Recliner Chairs – risk of entrapment of legs during adjustments.

·         Stollenwerk Ambulance Stretcher Trolleys – risk of front leg fracture.

·         Draeger Incubator 8000 Series – risk of burn injuries due to blockage of air circulation system.

·         Medtronic SynchroMed EL Infusion System: new information on Pump Preparation to avoid over-infusion of drug to the patient following an implant.

·         All Respiratory Therapy Devices connected to endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes – advice to avoid risk of serious injury due to incorrect assembly

Further details can be obtained by contacting Safety Services on 26198


Good practice guidance for reducing health risks from metalworking fluids will soon be launched by HSE to combat the risk of dermatitis. The pack will include task sheets for operators and exposure guidance values for neat and water-mix MWF mist levels. Seminars are being run to explain the guidance, the nearest will be in Manchester on 14th November. For booking details contact Abigail Clow by fax  (020 7976 8056) or by e-mail


Central Stores now stock new ranges of disposable powder-free latex gloves, synthetic latex gloves and nitrile gloves, and they can all be found on the web-based Stores catalogue.


New epidemiological review finds no causal association between the use of cellular phones and cancer. The Swedish Radiation Protection Authority engaged two internationally known epidemiologists to review published epidemiological studies on the relationship between the use of cellular telephones and cancer risk. They are Dr. John D. Boice, Jr. and Dr. Joseph K. McLaughlin from the International Epidemiology Institute, USA. In their review, no consistent evidence was observed for increased risk of brain cancer, meningioma, acoustic neurinoma, ocular melanoma, or salivary gland cancer, examined over a wide range of exposure measures, including type of phone, duration of use, frequency of use, total cumulative hours of use, tumour location and laterality (concurrence of tumour location with hand normally used during phone conversations). For more information check: -


It will be illegal to recharge fire protection and suppression systems using halon gas after 31st December 2002 and by 31st December 2003 all such system must have been decommissioned.


New procedures for disposing of waste laboratory and engineering equipment will shortly be placed on the Estates Services web pages for the Environment and Energy Team.

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