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The Government have suspended the sale of a range of agricultural, professional and domestic insecticide products containing the chemical dichlorvos due to the possibility it is a genotoxic carcinogen. It is not illegal to continue to store or use the products as long as this is done safely by following the instructions given on the product label.  For more information on the products affected check


HEROX is a new Internet forum for anyone interested in human exposure to hazardous materials and can be found on


The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002 came into force on 15th May. They place general duties on the supply of PPE in the European Community to ensure PPE placed on the market satisfies basic health and safety requirements applicable to that class or type of PPE, and that no PPE shall be supplied unless it is safe. “Supply” excludes PPE marketed prior to 1992.  It also defines the requirements of each type of PPE. The Regulations revoke previous legislation relating to the supply of PPE on the market, but the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, remain unchanged and in force which cover the assessment, compatibility, maintenance, replacement, storage and use of PPE.


New interim guidance on Acetylene cylinders involved in a fire, or subjected to severe shock, states that you should not approach or move the cylinder, a 200-meter hazard zone around the cylinder should be established, use maximum shielding and apply cooling water for 24 hours. Contact the Emergency Services immediately as well as the gas supplier. Contact Safety Services on 26198 for more information.


Safety Notices and Device Alerts received from the NHS: -

1.      Poor clinical performance of screw-fit ceramic toe prosthesis manufactured by Moje Ceramic Implants / Orthosonics Ltd. Do not fit them and return any stock to UK distributor.

2.      Nellcor Puritan Bennett – N550 Pulse Oximeter Ser.No’s P1011200001 to P1011201968 – possibility of electrical hazard to patient or user. Contact Tyco Healthcare UK Service Centre.

3.      Use of Angioplasty Balloon Catheters – failure to follow manufacturers instructions could lead to serious patient injury.

4.      Sulzer Carbomedics Heart Valve Tester – warning of potential for fracture of plastic distal head of heart valve testers during heart valve surgery

5.      Damage to, or inadequate battery terminal connectors in external pacemakers leading to intermittent operation and cessation of output. Also, incompatibility problems reported for some external pacemakers and Temporary Cardiac Pacing Leads with shrouded connectors.

6.      Talent stent graft system (by Medtronic AVE): connector bar and stent spring fracture after implantation.

7.      Renatron II Dialyser Reprocessing System by Minntech Corporation / Health Tec Ltd - instructions for use amended to specify Primus dialyser for multiple use with this system.

8.      Furlong Modular Cemented Hip Replacement System by JRI Ltd Atypical pain associated with corrosion of the polished titanium alloy femoral stem.

9.      BD Safelon Catheters by Becton Dickinson – reports of the needle shielding mechanism failing to operate effectively. This applies to all products with expiry dates prior to April 2005.

Further details can be obtained by contacting Safety Services on 26198


A review of the chronic and acute health effects of 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone can be found on


CD-ROM discs with small cracks can shatter in high-speed CD drives (48x and above), and can be expelled through the front cover. Check CDs for cracks or damage before use and throw away those that are damaged. Remove CDs from the computer when not in use, store them in the packaging supplied and keep them away from heat sources, particularly sunlight.


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