H & S UPDATE JANUARY 2003 – Happy New Year to you all !

The University has just renewed the subscription to the CCOHS Academic Support Programme. This web-based service provides a huge database of Material Safety Data Sheets and also toxicological data on a wide range of substances. In addition they have HSELINE which covers health and safety abstracts. This web site can be found on


Safety Notices & Device Alerts received from the NHS: -

1.       Kapitex Healthcare Ltd has issued a recall notice concerning faulty stitching where Velcro strips are attached to tracheostomy tube holders. Lots affected are: Trachi-hold Large Lot Nos. 020305 & 020416; Trachi-hold Small Lot Nos. 020221 & 020503: Trachi-hold Mono Lot Nos 020307.

2.       Invacare Ltd – Storm Powered Wheelchair – risk of drive wheel becoming detached due to assembly error during manufacture.

3.       Alaris Medical Systems – possibility of over infusion with IVAC 591, 597, 598, & 599 Infusion pumps.

4.       Devices labelled “single use” only – MDA have issued guidance stating that reuse of such devices can affect the safety, performance and effectiveness of the devices, exposing staff and patients to unnecessary risk. Such reuse also has legal implications!

Further details can be obtained by contacting Safety Services on 26198


Laptop dangers – a report in the Lancet highlights a new problem with laptops. This is not for the squeamish! See


New Regulations on Control of Lead at Work and new CoSHH Regulations for control of hazardous substances at work came into force on 21st November 2002. Both Regulations extend the matters to be considered when carrying out assessments of risks from exposure to lead or substances hazardous to health. They detail the measures that should be considered to prevent or adequately control exposure and they provide for further duties in respect of care and decontamination of personal protective equipment. They also extend the duties with respect of health surveillance and introduce a duty on the employer to prepare procedures, provide information and establish warning systems to deal with emergencies in the workplace related to lead or substances hazardous to health. The Regulations place a duty on employers in respect of his employees and, so far as is reasonably practicable, be under a like duty in respect of any other person, whether at work or not, who may be affected by the work carried out by the employer. A full version of the new CoSHH Regulations 2002 can be found on The new Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 can be found on


Guidance on “Preventing Dermatitis at Work” & on “Young People and Children undergoing Work Experience” can now be found on Safety Services web pages in the Guidance section.


The revised Health and Safety Code of Practice is now complete and on the Safety Services web pages in the “Code of Practice” section. Part 1, dealing with management responsibilities, has been extensively revised and updated. Parts 2 and 3 are current having been updated several months ago. We are also making arrangements to print copies for all existing staff and a stock for Personnel Department to provide to new starters.


Remember when filling in accident reports, be precise about the location & particulars of the incident (i.e. where it happened & how); put the full name of the injured person (e.g. Jeremy Alan Bloggs not J A Bloggs) be specific about nature of the injury (cut, sprain, broken bone etc) & site i.e. what part of the body is affected (head, leg arm etc). Many of the forms coming through are lacking vital information so we have to send them back to the author for completion.


Asbestos Warning Notices in the Arts Tower – these notices have been put on service riser doors, in toilets and other areas, to warn people that there is asbestos containing materials present in these areas (inside the service risers) this is to avoid accidental damage to the asbestos material principally by maintenance personnel and contractors who may have to access the service risers. There is no risk to anyone who does not access the service risers.

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